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    China International Travel Healthcare Association approved by Ministry of People's Republic of China is a professional social organization of international travel healthcare. The purpose of ITHA is to unite all the specialists, scholars and professionals engaged in the international travel healthcare services as well as those personages interested in this area so as to contribute to the promotion of international travel healthcare development in our country and the protection of the health of international travelers. The local international travel healthcare associations have been set up successively in over 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and some ports of prefectures throughout the country. Meanwhile, the travel clinics designated by China International Travel Healthcare Association have opened to the pubic in more than 100 international ports and cities. They are providing travelers with all the services, including epidemiological information, health education, food supervision and inspection.


   To actively develop international travel healthcare service in our country and to protect the health of international travelers, to strengthen the professional management of frontier health, international travel healthcare and imported food supervision and inspection; to carry out international travel healthcare services in planned and organized way, including physical examination,consultation, healthcare, health education, disease prevention, vaccination, health insurance, etc.


   China International Travel Healthcare Association develops senior nationwide or regional academic activities. From 1995, we have held six China International Travel Healthcare Conferences in Shanghai (1995), Urumqi(1996), Guangzhou (1997), Xiamen (1998), Hohhot (2000),Shanghai(2002) We also attend International Travel Medicine Conference and Asia-Pacific Travel Health Conference, Europe Travel Medicine Conference, Mainland and Taiwan Travel Medicine Workshop, China-Russia-Mongolia, Russia and Mongolia International Travel Healthcare Conference, etc.


   ChinaInternational Travel Healthcare Association organized the nationwide trainings involved psychology consultation, medical scientific research method and science and technology papers writing, medical assistant diagnosis technology. We also organized the seminars relate to altitude medicine, the environment of travel destination and travelers health, infectious diseases inspection, vaccination, port health control, etc. We choose international travel healthcare workers to study at the travel medicine clinic of WashingtonUniversityin Americaevery year.

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